Hotel Bernina Hospiz

For a stay in close contact with nature

Overlooking the Piz Cambrena and Lake Bianco is the Hotel Bernina Hospiz, which has been welcoming guests to a location in close contact with nature for more than 130 years. More than a century ago, the Bernina Pass was crossed with pack animals, encountering blizzards in winter and green expanses in summer, characterized by the intense scents and bright colors of Alpine flora. In this bucolic setting, the Bernina Hospiz offered shelter for the horses, represented a landmark where they could find a bed to rest and a hot meal to refresh themselves for the continuation of the crossing.

Today, more than 130 years have passed, Hotel Bernina Hospiz has become a reference point for those who love to spend a vacation and relax immersed in the surrounding nature. What is certain, is that one of the main characteristics that distinguish the hotel has not failed: the attention, the care that the staff devotes to its guests, to make this stay at high altitude unique. Warmth, welcome and hospitality are the cornerstones of this historic hotel at 2300 meters above sea level.

Staying at Hotel Bernina Hospiz means immersing yourself in unspoiled nature, which offers much to visitors in search of new experiences: intense days of skiing and alpine sports in the winter and just as much excitement in the summer, among walks and trails, paths for cyclists, motorcyclists and hikers, in contact with local flora and fauna. With one security: that of being able to return, in the evening, to the hotel to enjoy a gastronomic experience among local products and ancient flavors of mountain tradition.