Pizzeria Bernina Hospiz 2309

Welcome to the Pizzeria Bernina Hospiz,

an oasis of taste where tradition meets innovation.

Our pizza, prepared with care and passion, features a special ingredient: 100% Italian stone-ground Grani Antichi flour from the Di Stasi farm (also owned by the hotel), a family-run business in beautiful Umbria, Italy.

The wheat is grown all naturally, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so the flour is 100% organic and does not harm the environment.

Stone grinding is done using a completely sustainable method that preserves the authenticity and quality of the final product.

This process allows the best possible preservation of the wheat germ and bran, which contains not only fibre but also proteins with high biological value, resulting in high digestibility and a final product with valuable nutritional values.

Every bite will be a culinary experience that will hopefully fully satisfy your gastronomic desires.