The pleasure of the mountain

Surrounded by wide green spaces in summer and large snow fields in winter, Hotel Bernina Hospiz overlooks Piz Cambrena and Lake della Crocetta with views of Lake Bianco, in a place where you can re-discover the pleasure and quiet of the mountains. Trails for beginners and hikers, breathtaking views, alpine flora and fauna together with the fragrances and colors of the mountains: this and much more you can find while staying at this location.

You can reach the Hotel Bernina Hospiz in an even more impressive way by taking the Bernina Express, the Red Train that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and connects Italy to Switzerland, running from Tirano to the famous St Moritz. You can admire unspoiled nature made up of lakes, frozen in winter and deep blue in summer, rivers and glaciers, forests and expanses of green.  

Staying at Hotel Bernina Hospiz means connecting with the surrounding nature and immersing yourself in an atmosphere of incredible stillness and silence.

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